Flor de Apia

Industry with Social and Ecological Responsibility

Flor de Apia

Flor de Apia is a multinational company, which was established in 2010 for the cultivation, processing and worldwide distribution of Colombian coffee.
Currently it has expanded its activities to the international trade of agro-industrial products, mining raw materials, water treatment, energy, and participates in national infrastructure projects.
Flor de Apia grew up being always faithful to its 4 principles: quality, traceability, social commitment and ecology.

Due to the increase in phishing attempts, Flor de Apia S.L. declares that the only authorized representative to negotiate and sign contracts is Mr. Pierre Dumont, Sole Administrator of Flor de Apia SL, who will be very happy to assist you personally for commercial transactions, in the mail pierre@flordeapia.com and on the phone +34 649 924225 (WhatsApp). For legal matters you can contact our legal study at legal@flordeapia.com



roasted, green, infusions

agricultural products

sugar, sunflower oil, corn, ...


We have efficient and experienced Workers to develop any Job worldwide.


Flor de apia is characterized by having the industrial tools to carry out any type of work that involves mechanical effort.


One of the things that characterizes Flor de Apia is Respect for the environment and its minerals.

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Flor de Apia has a complete distribution pattern without intermediaries: it produces its products at origin, and sells them directly to the customer abroad, which guarantees 100% traceability and authenticity.

Flor de Apia encourages empathy between the producer and the consumer: the producer receives recognition from the consumer for his work, who is guaranteed an authentic product that is not adulterated by intermediaries.

Flor de Apia produces in harmony with nature:                             Agro-industry: biological water treatment, composting for bio-fertilization and bio-gas production, biological pest control, pollination by bees.

Mining: processes using non-polluting reagents, on-site treatments.

Flor de Apia invests in new machinery and technologies: this allows continuous improvement of processes both in terms of quality and environment.

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